Moa is originally from Helsingborg in the South-West of Sweden, 20 minutes across the sea from Denmark. She grew up playing and listening to rock music and studied music through her upper secondary school years before moving to London in 2012.


Matilda grew up on the South-East island of Öland, in small town Färjestaden (funnily enough located 20 minutes across the sea from mainland Sweden). After listening to mostly pop in her early years, she later discovered her passion for country music. Having written songs since age 11, Matilda made the decision to move to London and pursue music in 2012.



The two first met online via Twitter after a quick search for future music university classmates lead Matilda to Moa, who had her audition in London that very day. After bonding over their mutual love of pop/rock band McFly they soon became friends. During a procrastination prone exam week, Matilda encouraged Moa to watch the television show Nashville and the Helsingborg native was soon converted into a country music fan. One year later, Fifth Floor was formed.


Fifth Floor's self-titled debut EP was released in June 2016, containing four self-penned songs. The follow-up eight track album 'Heartbreak Talks' was released in November 2017.



Photo by Jonathon Cuff from the 'Heartbreak Talks' album launch.

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