"A little bit of light relief comes along with one of the feel good singles of the summer 'Sipping On A Coke'. With both members of Fifth Floor growing up in small towns near to water this song covers the urge to return to a simpler way of life, to get away from the big city and it's stresses and strains. With a joyfully happy chorus and a crowd chant built in this is utterly delightful."

- Chris Farlie


Belles and Gals

"‘Heartbreak Talks’ is a fine debut album from Fifth Floor. All eight tracks are written by Moa and Matilda, and the ladies show a great versatility in their music throughout the record, delivering the upbeat and the slower numbers with equal poise. Lyrically, they’re quite unique, with very subtle touches of humour in places, while they can mix it with anyone when it comes to attitude."

- Nick Cantwell


Across The Pond

"There isn't a bad song on the album, but there are certainly some which standout for how good they are - Fifth Floor have done well with this release, and it's one I definitely enjoy listening to. I'm also still singing 'Heart In Your Arms' to myself even now."

- Jess Hill


Get The Chance

"Fifth Floor save the best until last. 'The Girl' is a subversive ballad that combines the best of their punkish attitude with some gorgeous harmonies. It is understated, clever; heartbreak really does talk here. It leaves you in no doubt as to the theme that has been running through much of this album. Overall, Heartbreak Talks captures a really good, solid country sound. It is a really promising full-length debut from these ladies."

- Gareth Williams

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